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Monday, August 30, 2010

Jung Typology test

For Compostition I

The Jung Typology Test

74 question about my personality and responses to certain situations. Really 74 questions? Must of the questions were asking the same thing but opposite point of view. Couldn't we have done the same thing in 20 questions? Well, the test didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.  I'm moderately expressed extravert, moderately expressed intuitive personality, moderately expressed feeling personality, and slightly expressed judging personality. I got a 1 on the judging personality. I'm not sure how I got a one guess there was one question were I was judgemental but to be honest I'm more judgemental then that. Anyone is lieing if they say they're not. I'm not sure how this would help me in my writing style. I don't like being moderate maybe I should trying being one way or the other see if I can get major expressed extravert. I really am to "in the middle" I need to work on my views and stating what I think. I need more help telling me where to go from here no telling me where I'm at.

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