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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Know your Audience ass. 4.4

In our audience we have a vast variety of people. Reality show junkies, avid readers, cereal lovers, Dog enthusiasts, etc. People from all walks of life joined together with one common goal - to further expand our education.

After posting my question "Where are you from?" I gained quite a bit of knowledge about my audience. You can find out a lot of common interests and loves by finding out where someone came from. The question I wish I would have asked is "What influenced you decision to take an online class rather then classroom?" I think I could have found those interesting and I am surprised no one else asked this question.

As to how the audience will change the way I write, it simply will not. I will stick to my thoughts the best I know how. People who like it, will and people who don't, don't. Makes no difference to me. I did notice a lot of people bringing up God in almost every discussion and as I am glad we live in a country where we can voice our believes so freely, I will keep my personal thoughts on that matter to myself in order to prevent any conflicts. That will be the only thing I will withhold from my writing.

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