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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday September 23

My niece had a doctor appointment today with a specialist with an office a hour drive from where we live. We  intend to leave the house early and get a head start on  the day. Instead we leave thirty minutes late and rush to the appointment. We call them when we are about half way there to let them know we are running late. Come to find out the appointment was at 2:30 instead of the 10:30 we thought it was. Was bummed at first we would have to find something to do but at least they didn't cancel the appointment for being late that would have been a wasted trip. We go to Mc D's and get some lunch. That took all of fifteen minutes. We don't go into the city much. we live 20 mins from any type of town. Though I know my way around we don't have much money to go spending. We decide to head to the mall at least there you can window shop. And that we did. We also found eight shirts all under $5 some of them being only $2. What a deal! Honestly I have bought myself new clothes in almost a year. Everything I own I wore while I was pregnant and don't fit. It felt so good to be able to but myself something without hardly spending any money!

Also, the doctor appointment went great and was nothing but good news!

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