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Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 5 comp

Sunday September 19
This morning Josh took the younger girls out of the house so that my oldest could rest up. Her knee is pretty swollen and red today. I don't think it looks to irritated but will keep a very close I on it. We aren't doing anything but laying in my bed watching cartoon's and reading. At the moment I am reading a Susan Wiggs book "Just breathe" So far it seems to be a very good book. The main character, Sarah, hates her home town next on the coast in California and moves to Chicago to go to college. Straight after college she marries. They find out her husband has cancer. After a long road through recovery they try to get pregnant and she ends up having to do in invetro. On the day of her last treatment she find her husband in the arms of another women. She leaves him and runs back home to California only to find out she's pregnant, with twins!

Birthday party tonight for my brother who turns 27!

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