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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20

I went ahead and let Melissa go to school today. I'm so worried she's got to re-open her stitches! I've been in constant worry all day. I left for classes before she got home so I wont know how it went till I get home around 11 tonight.

In my first class today, nutrition, we found out are body mass intake with a little hand held computer thing. I was in the normal range almost underweight. I used to always be in the underweight. Every time I got pregnant doctors would get onto me to make sure I was eating enough calories and so on. Since having my littlest girl I have not been able to loose more then five pounds since coming from the hospital. Oh well I'm curvy now and learning to love it!

Have psychology group project tonight that I'm worried about. I'm sure it will go smooth enough.

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