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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday September 22

I was in the store today getting a new wireless internet card. The associate that was working with me was on the phone trying to getting everything hooked up and ready to go. As he was doing this I browsed through the phones and merchandise waiting. I hear to children outside and look through the wall size window and see to beautiful little girls. One with  long dark hair and one short choppy blonde hair girl no bigger then two. An older women walks the girl's into the store with an attitude. I can tell she has probably had her hands full all day with these two little live wires. This poor associate behind the counter doesn't even see what's coming. I see it. I see the way this women walks with purpose with every step. The mad set of her shoulders. The hateful look on her face. These things I see in a matter of seconds that it took for her to walk in the door and half way across the room. She lets in on this poor associate proceeding to blame all her woes and worries on this girl behind the counter.

Why do we do that? I would like to say that I have never done it but it would be a lie. I have. I would be having an awful day one things sets me over the edge and I take it out on a poor helpless stranger. This associate couldn't have don't anything to prevent this women's anger. It was there to start with before she even walked in the door she had her mind set on anger. We need to open our mind. To try to see the best in every situation. Myself included. Lucky the associate was able to defer the ladies anger and take care of her customer. I applaud her for that. and will remind myself to keep tabs on my own anger.

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