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Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 4 post 3

Saturday September 17

Wow what a day would never had thought waking up this morning that I would have spent the evening in the ER! Let's back track and start at the beginning. Started out like any other Saturday morning watching cartoon's with the girlie's and listening to them yell "I WANT THIS!" During every commercial break. Let's just say we got an early start on our Christmas want list this year. After carton's and breakfast we start getting ready to head to my mother-in-laws house with hubby and kids in tow. Of course the process of getting the girls dressed and ready had to turn in a challenge and into an argument with  my husband. He insists he'll just go himself with the kids to cool off. I wouldn't back down and we settled things and headed over to his moms. We spent the entire day over there. I was starving and ready to head home but hubby wanted to do some target shooting with his brother. By this time it was getting dark, could barley see, the darn misquotes were attacking and the girl were dirty, muddy, and cranky. Oh well, I'll just sit back relax and enjoy and conversation with my mother-in-law and aunt. Nope not going to happen. With my three kids, two other six year old's, and a ten year old playing in the mud someone was bound to get hurt. It just happened to be my oldest, Melissa. She tripped in the mud and came to me crying.  I couldn't really see anything wrong at first with it being dark and the mud all over her. Took her inside and squeezed a wet towel over he knee where she said it hurt. The water rinses the mud out of her wound and bright red blood starts going every where. Down her leg and all over the kitchen floor. With the water left running I run out side tell my husband and rush my lil' girl to the ER. She ended up getting four stitches in her knee. What a day!

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